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Non-Immigrant Visas

Summer Work and Travel Program

Dates and Deadlines

Program Participants

     Who can participate?
     How can you participate?
     How to apply for a visa?
     How to report your arrival?

Coordinating Agencies

     Who can participate?
     How to apply for a visa?
     Documents required for submission three working days before the interview
     Documents to bring for an interview
     DS-2019 Policy
     How to report participants’ arrival?

Summer Work and Travel 2015

The purpose of the Summer Work/Travel program is to provide bona fide foreign university students an opportunity to become directly involved in the daily life of the people of the United States through travel and temporary work for a period up to four months during their summer vacation.
Department regulations prohibit the placement of program participants as domestic help in U.S. households or in positions requiring them to invest their own money for inventory, such as door-to-door sales. Most participants typically work in non-skilled service positions at resorts, hotels, restaurants, and amusement parks.

Dates and Deadlines

     ∙ May 25, 2015 - the start date on your DS-2019.
     ∙ September 1, 2015 - the end date on your DS-2019. The last day when you can work in the USA during the 2015 SWT program.
     All program participants must leave the U.S. and return to their home countries by the beginning of the fall semester at their universities.
     ∙ October 31, 2015 – the last day when the coordinating agency can submit its report to the Consular Section on the number of returned students.

Program Participants

Who can participate?

Agencies that wish to participate in the SWT program must be registered with the Department of State and be able to provide students with Department of State authorized DS-2019 forms. All registered agencies must attend an annual meeting of the Summer Work and Travel coordinators and be briefed by the U.S. Mission Kazakhstan in order to participate in the 2015 SWT program. If your agency did not attend annual meeting for coordinators and wishes to participate in the 2015 SWT program, please contact the Consular Section at:  

How can you participate?

The Department of State designates U.S. organizations to administer exchange programs. These organizations are known as sponsors. A list of the designated SWT sponsors can be found on the State Department website. The majority of these sponsors have partners or agents (coordinating agency) located worldwide to assist you.

How can you participate?

While choosing a coordinating agency to help you with application procedure please make sure that the agency is aware of the requirements for the current season, including deadlines, scheduling and list of documents. Check this information yourself on our web-site and on the web-site of U.S. Department of State.
How to apply for a visa?

In 2015 U.S. Mission Kazakhstan will provide special appointments solely designated for Summer Work and Travel applicants in Astana the week of May 11 - 15 and in Almaty May 18 - 22. The agency must send a request for a group interview to  If a group interview is approved, the agency will be given a particular date and time. You have to pay the consular fee online or at Kazkommetzbank in order to schedule an appointment by your agency. The agency should submit the required documents to the Consular Section at least three business days prior to the scheduled interview. When an agency coordinator comes to submit documents, the Consular Section will perform the first pre-screening of submitted documents. After the first document pre-screening the Consular Section employee will confirm the interview date and time. On the scheduled day of interview an agency coordinator must escort his/her group to the interview. The coordinator must return the next business day at a scheduled time to pick up his/her group’s passports with issued visas.Form Covers Period 

If your form doesn’t meet this requirement and you are found eligible for a visa, your visa will not be approved until you provide a new form with correct dates.

The coordinating agency that helps with the application procedure will arrange an appointment for you and inform you about the documents to bring for an interview.

On the day of the interview you can submit any additional documents and have an interview with a Consular Officer. If you are found eligible for a visa , your coordinator will pick up your passport the next working day.

Don’t bring any electronic devices (cell phones, flash cards, Ipods etc.) to the Consular Section.

How to report your arrival?

Please submit your returning boarding pass and Form DS-2019 to your coordinating agency upon your arrival to Kazakhstan. 
Coordinating Agencies

Who can participate?

Agencies that wish to participate in the SWT program must be able to provide students with Department of State authorized DS-2019 forms. The agency must be registered in Kazakhstan.

The SWT-2015 registration period for agencies is October – November and for 2015 was closed on December 1, 2014. Requests for registration sent after the deadline are not accepted. If your agency would like to register for SWT 2016, your agency should request the U.S. program sponsor to register your agency with the Department of State and send the following information for registration in October 2015:

1. Name of the agency;
2. Name of the coordinator;
3. Office phone number;
4. Cell phone number of the coordinator;
5. Email address;
6. Website;
7. Office address of the agency.

Information about the agency’s U.S. sponsor:

1. Name of the sponsoring agency;
2. Name of the contact person;
3. Office address;
4. Office phone number;
5. Email address;
6. Website.

Agencies that participated in 2014, but didn’t submit reports in a timely manner and/or had complaints regarding violations of the program requirements, and/or failed to register before the deadline, will not be eligible participate in 2015.

If your agency did not attend the annual meeting for coordinators on November 13, 2014 because it failed to register with Department of State before November 7, 2014 but now your program sponsor has registered you and you wish to participate in the 2015 SWT program, please contact the Consular Section at:

Please, make sure that the recruited participants meet the definition of a student as it is specified for the SWT program. Students of vocational schools, non degree-granting Kazakhstani colleges, language classes, and distance learning courses are not eligible for participation in the SWT program.

Citizens of other countries can apply in Astana or Almaty provided that they study in Kazakhstani universities. For non-Kazakhstani students the document requirements can differ from those for Kazakhstani citizens. To avoid delays please, check the Reciprocity Schedule.

How to apply for a visa?

In 2015 U.S. Mission Kazakhstan will provide special appointments solely designated for Summer Work and Travel applicants in Astana the week of  May 11 - 15 and in Almaty the week of May 18 - 22. Agencies may request dates and time for the interviews via  The Consular Sections in Astana and Almaty will consider such requests on a first come, first served basis.  However, final appointment confirmation is only made upon receipt of the documents and an Excel list of participants. 

 Documents required for submission three working days prior to the interview 

- Visa Application Confirmation page from the completed application Form DS-160;

- One color photo (size 5cm x 5cm). Please, check the photo requirements;

- Confirmation from university about current student status;

- Copy of passport or an original passport;

- Copy of birth certificate (those who changed first name, last name or patronymic must submit a copy of certificate of his/her name change);

- Original Form DS-2019 ;

- Proof of SEVIS fee payment ;

- Visa application fee (All receipts issued by KazkommetzBank);

- Job Offer. 

Documents to bring to the interview

- Passport
- Original Transcript (Зачетная книжка)
- Student ID

Coordinators can pick up passports with visas on the next working day after the interview.
DS-2019 Policy

Please be advised that to be eligible for a J1 visa, all applicants must submit a completed original Form DS-2019 with no missing data or misspellings.  Responsible officers must sign the Form DS-2019 in order for the form to be valid for use.  

Every year the Consular Section specifies the validity period for the form (for SWT 2015 this period is from May 25, 2015 to September 1, 2015). 

Form Covers Period

Students should have their interview before the start date of the program. If they cannot meet this deadline, it will be necessary to get a new form DS-2019 with the corrected start date.

Note: Copies of DS-2019 and forms with dates beyond those specified by the Consular Section are not accepted.

How to report participants’ arrival?

On return to Kazakhstan students must report their return to the coordinating agency by the reporting deadline.  SWT Coordinators must provide the Consular Section with lists indicating whether or not each participant has returned from the USA.

List of Local Coordinating Agencies Registered for the 2015 SWT Season

Each year at the end of November, the Consular Section of the U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan organizes the annual Summer Work and Travel coordinators’ meeting. At this meeting coordinating agencies receive information on the program and register for the upcoming season. The agencies listed below are permitted to make group appointments for visa applications for SWT participants. Agencies not listed below will not have this ability and thus may not be able to secure visa application appointments in advance of the 2015 SWT season.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Mission in Kazakhstan assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by the following persons or firms. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy/U.S. Consulate General. Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.

The following agencies are currently registered to participate in the 2015 SWT season:

1. AirTravel International Kazakhstan 

2. Avier Grand

3. Columbus Exchange

4. Corvette Center

5. Flagman Group

6. Inter-Air Kazakhstan

7. International Exchange Center

8. Kazakhstan Council for Educational Travel (KCET)

9. Opportunity Language School

10.  ProstoTur

11.  TST

12.  United Students Company

13.  USL – Kazakhstan

14.  Work Abroad

Important notice for participants: The following handout material will help you understand your rights, program regulations and other possible questions you might have.

-         William Wilberforce Act (English)

-         William Wilberforce Act (на русском)   (PDF, 863 KB)

-         Summer Work and Travel (information for participants)   (PDF, 19 KB)

-         Summer Work and Travel (информация для участников)  (PDF, 61 KB) 

Please note that all SWT applicants will be required to have read and understood the William Wilberforce Act prior to the start of their interviews. 

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