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Women's History Month

About the U.S.A. - Woman's History Month

Every March, the United States celebrates Women's History Month.  It is a time to reflect on the important contributions that American women have made to our nation's history and to recommit ourselves to assuring that every American woman and girl has the opportunity to make her own contribution to our continuing story.

America's commitment to women's rights does not end at our own borders.  Global women's empowerment is a core pillar of America's foreign policy.  The Obama Administration created the first Office for Global Women's Issues and appointed an Ambassador at Large to head it.  We are working with the United Nations and other international institutions to support women's equality and to curtail violence against women and girls, especially in situations of war and conflict.  We are partnering internationally to improve women's welfare through targeted investments in agriculture, nutrition, and health, as well as programs that empower women to contribute to economic and social progress in their communities.  And we are following through on the commitments President Obama made in Cairo to promote access to education, improve literacy, and expand employment opportunities for women and girls.

As President Obama said in proclaiming March 2010 as Women's History Month, "This month, let us carry forth the legacy of our mothers and grandmothers.  As we honor the women who have shaped our nation, we must remember that we are tasked with writing the next chapter of women's history.  Only if we teach our daughters that no obstacle is too great for them, that no ceiling can block their ascent, will we inspire them to reach for their highest aspirations and achieve true equality. Resources

Public Web Resources

Official Texts & USG Resources

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