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Employment Opportunities

General Information

Application Instructions (PDF, 118KB)

DS-174 Form (PDF, 448KB) 

DS-174 Form (Word, 257KB)  

Applications (DS-174 Form) are accepted for current vacancies only. Deadline for acceptance is listed on the Vacancy Announcement.

Vacancy Announcements Astana 

Please send your Application forms for Astana vacancies to in .doc, .pdf only, 5 MB max

PositionOpening DateClosing Date
Shipment Assistant - extended
(PDF, 168 KB)
04/22/2016 05/06/2016
Senior Security Investigator
(PDF, 168 KB)
04/21/2016 05/05/2016
HR Assistant (EFM)
(PDF, 168 KB)
04/20/2016 05/04/2016
Telephone Operator
(PDF, 168 KB)
04/20/2016 05/04/2016
(PDF, 168 KB)
04/11/2016 4/25/2016
Administrative Clerk (ESO Logistician)-EFM
(PDF, 259 KB)
04/08/2016 open until filled
IRM Administrative Clerk (EFM)
(PDF, 248 KB)
03/18/2016 Open until filled
Community Liaison Office Coordinator (EFM)
(PDF, 453 KB)
01/15/2016 Open until filled
Classified Pouch Clerk (EFM), Astana
(PDF, 469 KB)
07/30/2015 Open until filled
Security Escort
(PDF,276 KB)
06/24/2015 Open until filled
                       Vacancy Announcements Almaty

Please send your Application forms for Almaty vacancies to in .doc, .pdf only, 5 MB max

Opening Date

Closing Date

Information Management Assistant, EFM 
(PDF, 193 KB)
04/20/2016 05/05/2016
HR Clerk
(PDF, 193 KB)
04/20/2016 05/03/2016
Realty Assistant, Almaty
(PDF, 196 KB)
04/14/2016 04/28/2016
Russian Speaking Guard, Almaty 
(PDF, 199 KB)
04/11/2016 04/22/2016

Communication and records management specialist, USAID

(PDF, 20 KB)
04/04/2016 04/18/2016
USPSC Regional Development Outreach & Communications Coordinator, Almaty
(PDF, 116 KB)
03/15/2016  04/08/2016 
Information and Facilities Management Assistant, EFM, Almaty
(PDF, 185 KB)
05/27/2015 Open until filled