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Press Releases

North Dakota and Kazakhstani Partners to Build Kazakhstan’s Cattle Industry

October 28, 2009

On Thursday, October 29, at 11:00 at the Alatau sports complex, a delegation of American agricultural experts will hold a press conference to call attention to cooperative efforts between Kazakhstani farmers and their American colleagues to build agriculture and cattle industry productivity in Kazakhstan.  The delegation has come to participate in the KazAgro Expo from the American state of North Dakota, which boasts a similar climate and agricultural conditions to northern Kazakhstan, making North Dakotans and Kazakhstanis natural partners in the field of agriculture. 

The North Dakota delegation includes Susan Geib, Executive Director of the North Dakota Trade Office, Vern Anderson, a well-renowned animal nutritionist and animal scientist at North Dakota State University Cattle Research Facility, Steven DeWald, CEO of Lightowler Engineering, Larry White, a 25-year veteran of cattle breeding, Dan Price, owner-manager of Missouri River Feeders.

Several Kazakhstani organizations are currently in negotiations with leading cattle experts from North Dakota to further develop Kazakhstan’s livestock industry and rural economy. These organizations are working together to further develop Kazakhstan’s livestock industry.   

The North Dakota Trade Office and a group of North Dakota companies are sponsoring livestock production seminars on October 28-29 at KazAgro.  Both Kazakhstani and North Dakota organizations involved in this initiative will be on hand during the press conference and seminars.

For more information, visit the North Dakota KazAgro booths # 36-48 or e-mail Beibit Yurabayev of the North Dakota Trade Office, Kazakhstan:  For press inquiries call the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section at 70 22 16.

Press Releases